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                             CPR and First Aid (Link to Course Dates and Times)

 CPR / First Aid Course

The ASHI CPR / First Aid Combination course covers the components of both the CPR AED course and the First Aid Course. BBP training is included for Security Guards and SBS/SIDS Awareness training is included for Daycare providers and Foster Parents ($40.00) 

                       Link to Course Dates 

(private and hybrid classes available

*This is not a health care CPR Course

for Healthcare CPR Follow the link Below

                   BLS CPR 

                CPR for the Workplace

       CPR and AED  for the Workplace 

This is a combined ASHI CPR and AED course that is based on the 2020 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Care (CPR) and ECC, CoSTR and other evidence  based recommendations ($40.00) 

(hybrid and private classes available) 


    First Aid

First Aid 

This ASHI course covers the basic first aid skills for the community and the workplace and is consistent with the recommendations of the 2020 national First Aid Science Advisory Board and OSHA's best practices for first aid training programs in the workplace ($40.00) 

Water Safety

 Water Safety 

This course covers the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies ($40.00) 

Private Classes Available


El Paso, CPR Classes are offered in the East and West EP or your Place of Business